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This site shares about my life and work. Most of what I do is devoted to practical solutions to avoid a global climate crisis. Acting from a point of compassion for all living things (or at least trying to!), I'm always ready to be challenged on how to maximize impact. Passionate about developing "whatever is missing" I'm building towards a sustainable future for all.

My Time

1. Open Access to Renewable Energies

Since 2012 I've been working with Solar Fire toward initiating a global wave of solar enterpreneurship.

2. Practical Tools for Change

Building web-platforms and systems with purpose that connect actors, empower people and facilitate change.

Urs Riggenbach

Selection of speaking engagements on camera or in front of impact-motivated crowds.

Idea, comment, interested to collaborate?

Contact Urs Riggenbach:, 079 918 0663

Idee, Kommentar, interesse an Zusammenarbeit?

Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich:
Urs Riggenbach,, 079 918 0663

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Urs Riggenbach

As Entrepreneur I support and enjoy building and growing businesses
from the ground up.

I get involved in things that make sense to me, have impact or bring learning and creation with it.

Solar Fire Concentration Ltd, Finland
CEO, Board Director & Co-Founder

June 2012 - now
Solar thermal technology solutions in the humanitarian and industrial sector.
- Technological development, project management, IT consulting, web and communication.
CEO, Board Director & Co-Founder

June 2012 - now
Launch of innovative platform for the spread of solar thermal energy solutions.

Abalance SA
IT Strategy & Infrastructure

2019 - now
Coaching Swiss startup "Abalance" on IT and development strategy.
- Management of team of developers for creation of online-strategy game
- Development of IT strategy and execution

Autodesk Inc, San Francisco
Pier 9 Impact Residency

February 2017 - May 2017
- Industrial CNC machine training (Waterjet, Lasercuting, 5 axis CNC)
- Rapid prototyping using state of the art CNC machinery

vonsalis communications
Lead Developer

2014 - now
Development of custom web-platforms for the Zurich-based environmental communications agency.

UrsRig Consulting
Founder and CEO

2014 - now
Creation of web-development agency of impact and sustainability projects and beyond.

WWF Switzerland
Swiss Civil Service

February 2013 - July 2013
- Development of exhibition on renewable energies.

Oekozentrum Langenbruck, Switzerland
Swiss Civil Service

August 2013 - February 2014
- Support in research and development.

Sustainable Design/Build, Yestermorrow, USA
Semester course in sustainable design and building practices

- Instructors from the fields of architecture, construction and joinery/Carpentry
- Application of principles of sustainability and sustainable design in the architecture of a "tiny house" of 227 square feet.
- Project planning and management with different build milestones.
- Construction of entire tiny house, see it in New York Post "Tiny House 227".
- Study and implementation of HVAC systems.

College of the Atlantic, USA
Bachelor of Arts in Human Ecology

September 2008 - June 2012
- Relevant Coursework: Agroecology, Economic Development, International Water Resource Management, Physics II, Collaborative Leadership, Fieldwork: Seminar in Community-based Research, Documentary Film Making, Webdesign, Fixing Food Systems, Sustainability, Local Production - Global Collaboration.
- Senior project in Nepal installing renewable energy framework at rural school
- Spanish proficiency during project-stay in Yucatán, Mexico
- Davis UWC Scholar: full scholarship awarded

United World College, India
International Baccalaureate, IB

September 2006 - May 2008
- International Baccelaurate (IB) with major biology and economics.
- Course language English.
- Extended essay: Sugarcane Cultivation in the Mulshi Valley, India.
- Full Scholarship from the Swiss Association for UWC



Urs Riggenbach

As Developer I build scalable, secure and performing solutions in Apps,
on the Web and on the Cloud.

I work in a network of curated developers, designers and content creators, so each project happens in a project-specific team. For the Canton of Bern I built the interactive App "Biz-Links" that helps people find the right career. As a progressive web app it is simultaneously avaiable on Android and iOS devices, as well as directly reachable in the browser by link. My full portfolio is further below.















Selection of projects in the fields of web-development, internet security, Android-app development, webstores, crowdfunding and campaign sites, online community platforms and financial modeling. Most projects are based on a security and scalability optimized tech-stack based on open-source SPIP, LXC and GNU/Linux.

Project idea and need a tech-team? Let's talk!

Clients & Users


Urs Riggenbach

I like creating content and sharing ideas. My blog contains notes across topics that may be helpful to others.

Profiling with XDEBUG on Debian 11 (Apache Webserver)

Posted Saturday 30 October 2021 by Urs Riggenbach.

With a recent Debian upgrade came an upgrade to XDEBUG, a software that can be used for optimizing, debugging and profiling code. I use especially the profiling function, that in combination with kcachegrind shows how long the code is spending on each function, which in turn helps me decide how much time to spend optimizing which function.

Prerequisites for this HowTo are Debian 11 with an Apache 2 Webserver, PHP 7.4.

Install XDEBUG

apt install php-xdebug


Edit the confinguration file

nano /etc/php/7.4/mods-available/xdebug.ini

Paste the following contents if you want the cachegrind files to appear under /xdebug on the server


xdebug.output_dir = "/xdebug"

xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger = true

#leave empty if you do not want to specify the value
#xdebug.trigger_value = "1"

xdebug.mode = profile

xdebug.start_with_request = trigger



Restart the server, create the necessary directories.

mkdir /xdebug chmod 777 /xdebug service apache2 restart


Afterwards, you can add a (GET or POST) parameter to your request to initiate the profiling:

With the new version this also works:

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