On Giving Space

Posted Sunday 13 March 2022 by Urs Riggenbach.

This is post is part of a series of posts of creative writing.

Making space, for positive actions, for positive feelings. Making space for being vulnerable. For being a victimized, hurt, oppressed, or just making space to acknowledge: I’m misunderstood. Life is hard, and life is beautiful at the same time. By making space, we can stop the chase. Stop the heavy expectations on yourself. To be present, to acknowledge and respect however we feel. Despair, happiness, tiredness, being in love. Acknowledging and accepting just how conflicting all of this is, can sometimes help feeling grounded and is building space.

Ask yourself: Are your actions giving space, or taking away space? War, oppression, judgment: Taking space away. Listening, being vulnerable, trusting: Giving space. With more space, comes more freedom. Come fresh thoughts, ideas, plans and actions. If these actions give even more space, it starts to get real good. If we can admit and respect the complexity of life, and yet make some space to breathe and be - we are space loving and space giving humans.

It is hard to do. So out goes my deep respect for people who have made space. Space to trust themselves. Space to listen and be heard. Space to take risks. Space for others. Space for themselves.