OpenLabel: Product Information from the Crowd

Posted Saturday 12 September 2015 by Urs Riggenbach.

I’ve been waiting for an open platform where people can share the "what to know" about any product. When I buy something I want to know what impact it has, on my health, the workers, the planet.

I want to know this information from people I trust, not from the corporations themselves that don’t want me to worry about "what kind of aerosol is in that deodorant and it’s climate impact" but rather "how this is going to increase my sex-appeal."

Finally the platforms that help us gather and use consumer sourced producer information are emerging. With OpenLabel,, and (German) we are entering a buying culture where if I have the choice between two products and I happen to care about animal rights I can make a better choice. Better might not be good, but if we’re sticking with consumerism let’s send the right signals up that chain.

When advertisement and mass media lose their power, we will probably stuff this void with real information. I’m looking forward to that.